Log Homes | Cost of Log Home
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Cost of Log Home

Price of house make by Canadian style of contrustrucion Log Homes

Building a Log house by logs 25-70 cm in diameter and length up to 12 m !!!

The budget plan

We produce the house according to the plan taking as the basis of the client’s wishes that he wants to look his dream house. Each house is completely made by us on site. After construction was completed, inform the client and together with him we determine a place for the electrical sockets, electrical switches, lighting and cable channels.
Once all components are numbered, the house is disassembled and ready for delivery.
The house is transported by truck to the construction site.

Homes are offered in two variants of construction:

If ordered OPTION 1, the client performs dismantling facility on site and transport to the construction site.
Version 2 includes works from Variants 1 with additional elements of construction and installation.

Version 1

– Projects (drawings) and instructions for assembly
– The walls of the outer
– The walls of the inner
– Beams and girders galleries or floors of the house
– Beams and girders balcony
– Beams and girders of the roof structure
– Channels for electrical installations
– Channels for plumbing
– Gaps for doors and windows
– Poles mounting plate
– The insulation between the logs (chemically processed )
– Grinding sawmills before shipping
– And the tape around windows

This version of construction cost from 250 to 650 euros depending on the project.

Version 2

Version 2 includes works from Version 1 with additional elements of construction and installation.
– Dismantling and transportation to the place of construction
– The roof and the complete roof equipment
– Wiring and complete electrical equipment
– Plumbing and all equipment
– Ceramics and complete material
– Paneling
– Floors
– Fireplace
– Chimney
– Frame of windows nad doors
– Wooden stairs and stair rails
– Bathroom: shower, shower mixer, sink, water heater, towel holder, water taps, mirror
– Toilet bowl, bidet toilet, sink, mirror, water taps, toilet paper holder, towel holder
– Environmental Facility
– KITCHEN optionally offers from companies GalArt, look at the website part of the product called ART

This version of construction reaches a price of 1650 Euro, depending on the project.

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