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Interior living room

Living room

Kitchen elements

Kitchen cabinets


Accessories for the kitchen


Wood elements numerically labeled

  1. Drawer shelves

  2. Element of electric oven

  3. Wall cabinet

  4. Construction of drawers

  5. Element of electric plates

  6. Construction for work table

  7. Element of sinks

  8. Construction for work table

Elements of windows numerically labeled:

  1. Tempered glass shelves 10mm from the palette RAL

  2. Tempered glass shelves 10mm from the palette RAL

  3. Front drawers

  4. Front of the desk

Electrical equipment marked with numbers:

  1. Electrical panel from the manufacturer Gorenje

  2. Electric oven manufacturer Gorenje

Additional kitchen items marked by numbers:

  1. The faucet sinks

  2. Sink

  3. Natural stone work surface

The interior elements of the work table and Drawer is particleboard 18mm Fundermax

The kitchen is done exclusively by order!
Total possibility of complete model kitchens to 5 pieces.
Delivery 90 days !!!

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